Spring at Botanic Garden

Last saturday, at our Botanic Garden, there were a big exposition and sales of orchids. After the photography class we went to take pictures of beautiful flowers and interesting people.

At the park, a "Bradypus variegatus" (bicho-preguiça) intended to walk slowly on the ground.

It was soon rescued from people's curiosity by the guard.

But we went on taking pictures...

Our photography teacher, João Quental, is the one wearing a black t-shirt. Great guy, great class. It happens twice a year, for 2 months, always on saturday mornings (9 to 12). Our last meeting will be in October, 6. Probably we'll try to meet at the park, because we want to keep in touch. Next photography course only in 2009, March. João Guilherme Quental teaches Literature, Portuguese, Photography and Cinema. And he's also a birdwatcher. Accomplished, isn't he?


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