Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chales Terra Nova

We had a great time at Chalés Terra Nova, inside the Itatiaia National Park. Surrounded by nature, birds, good music and tasty food at the restaurant, sleeping in a cabin with fireplace, it was almost like heaven!

Kids and dad enjoyed the warm swimming pool, the bikes and still walked among the trees (arvorismo). The other day we went to visit the National Park and the city of Penedo, where we found those delicious ice creams (Sorvete Finlandês). We will come back for more!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brazilian baby from abdominal pregnancy is alive and healthy

At Hospital das Clinicas, São Paulo, a baby was born in amazing conditions. The embryo developed outside the uterus, below the mother's stomach. Maria Benedita is very happy. In spite of the life threatening warnings, she went on with the pregnancy until the 8th month. After 2 hours of surgery, she was rewarded by her courage and faith. Valdir Gabriel was born with 2 kg and 42 cm. "Thank God I won, I didn't give up!" - she said.
The embryo was protected by the epiplon (an internal layer of fat that protects the organs) that surrounded the placenta and foetus. More than ever, it's crystal clear that life begins in the moment of conception.
Dr. Waldemir Rezende said: "Gabriel was a true hero. He managed to find a place to ensure his growth and life. We didn't know what to find until we opened the abdominal cavity. He was the surprise. This smile is priceless", adds the doctor, looking towards Maria Benedita.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Crab Nebula

On July 4, 1054, the Crab Nebula, the brightest known remnant of a supernova, was first noticed by Chinese astronomers. The supernova was visible in daylight for 23 days and at night for almost 2 years. There are no records of its observation at the time by Europeans. (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

The Land of Might-Have-Been - Novello/Marsh

The Land of might-have-been, such a beautiful music, sung by Jeremy Northam, disappeared from Deezer! But we still can find it at YouTube. &...